Where Was Righteous Gemstones Filmed?

March 30, 2023

Where Was Righteous Gemstones Filmed

The Righteous Gemstones premiered on HBO in August 2018. It was filmed in Charleston and North Charleston, with many locals being cast as extras. If you're a fan of this comedy series, you'll love learning about where it was filmed.

The Citadel Mall (which is also known as Independence Mall) was a key location in the series. You'll see a glimpse of Dillard's and CitiTrends, among other stores, as the Gemstones wander through during future episodes.

Locust Grove Prayer Center /Sanctuary was another location in the show. The building was a former Sears store, turned into sound stages and other production facilities for the series.

A popular wall-to-wall trampoline park is another prominent location in the series. You'll see the Gemstones go to this place on several occasions, as well as their kids, Kelvin and Jesse.

North Charleston Coliseum

The North Charleston Coliseum was also a location in the show. During one scene, Eli Gemstone (John Goodman) and his sons, Jesse and Kelvin, are sharing about their mission trip to China.

Keefe Chambers (Tony Cavalero) is a dim-witted ex-Satanist who works security for the Gemstones' church. He believes that Kelvin is a spiritual leader.

Amber Gemstone (Cassidy Freeman) is a loving and supportive wife who encourages her husband's ambition to take more control of the church. She also helps him work through his negative qualities.

Gideon Gemstone (Skyler Gisondo) is Jesse's oldest son, who moved to California to be a stunt performer. He was a major source of stress for Jesse, as he thought he had betrayed his family.


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