Where Was Road Trip Filmed?

February 11, 2023

where was road trip filmed

When it comes to US road trip movies, there’s a huge array of fantastic films that celebrate America’s open roads. From the biker revolution of Easy Rider to the romantic comedy of Warming Up To You, these soaring travel films have a common thread that links them all: they’re all about exploring self-discovery on the road.

'Easy Rider’ Filmed in California

A cult classic shot in the Golden State, Dennis Hopper's Easy Rider was a radical movie for its time. Set against the backdrop of America's anti-war fervor, it encapsulates the counterculture that ruled the 1960s.

'Sideways’ Filmed in Solvang, Santa Ynez Valley

The movie was filmed in and around the popular winemaking region of the Santa Ynez Valley. It was a hit with wine lovers and spawned a number of other films that took place in the area.

'Road Trip Romance’ Filmed in Ottawa, Canada

As the title suggests, 'Road Trip Romance' is all about finding love on the road. Hallmark teases that the story follows Margo, who's planning a road trip to her sister's wedding with high school rival Alden. "Traveling together, they slowly realize how much they have in common and how that high school rivalry masked a strong mutual attraction," the network says.

The film also features Julia Borsellino and Elana Dunkelman, as well as Corey Sevier (who got his break playing a teenage canine in the Canadian version of Lassie). Watch the full trailer for Road Trip Romance below!


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