Where Was Tin Star Filmed?

March 30, 2023

Where Was Tin Star Filmed

Where Was Tin Star Filmed?

Sky Atlantic's newest series - Tin Star - was shot in a Canadian town with an innocent name: Little Big Bear. But this idyllic little hamlet is actually far from a safe place to live, especially for the characters who end up battling a dark crime wave in it.

While this new small town noir is based on the classic American crime drama structure, it's got plenty of its own twists and turns. The show takes visual inspiration from the snowy scenes in Fargo, but it also utilises Twin Peaks and Broadchurch to create a small town thriller that is both violent and brutal.

High River (33 miles south of Calgary) doubles as the fictional town of Little Big Bear, but its mountains aren't as imposing as they should be, so the show had to go looking for another spot where it could get its shots of the Canadian Rockies. It found this in Waterton, a tiny town on the outskirts of Glacier National Park that couldn't support a 250-strong film crew, so they had to use CGI to add the mountain backdrop to the towns of High River and Little Big Bear.

Throughout the series, you'll also see the Worth family staying at Malmaison Liverpool, located on the iconic waterfront in a city that never fails to deliver a great filming location. And in episode six, you'll see some of the cast and crew at Southport Pier - a stunning location for the series that's been open since 1860 and is one of Liverpool's most popular tourist attractions.


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