Where Was Wrath Of Man Filmed?

March 30, 2023

Where Was Wrath Of Man Filmed

Where Was Wrath Of Man Filmed?

Guy Ritchie's latest directorial effort is a quiet and restrained crime thriller, reuniting him with one of his former stars Jason Statham. The director's acclaimed heist movie Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels made Statham one of the most famous action-man tough guys in Hollywood, and his rebirth as a crime film star here is just as exciting.

The film begins in Los Angeles, where an armored truck robbery leaves two guards and a bystander dead. The resulting police investigation leads to the discovery of a new hire at Fortico Security, a company that transfers millions of dollars in cash every month.

Patrick "H" Hill (Statham) is a young recruit at Fortico who seems like just another employee under the tutelage of his mentor, "Bullet," played by Holt McCallany. But H's ruthless efficiency and cold determination quickly make him a threat to any criminals who try to target Fortico, and his obsession with righting a wrong from his past drives him to complete the job no matter what it takes.

Besides H, the film features a number of other characters and locations. Some of them are familiar to fans of Ritchie's earlier work, including the iconic Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles, while other locales are less well-known.

The Film's Locations in London

While the main part of Wrath of Man was shot in Los Angeles, some scenes were filmed in London. A large portion of the film was filmed in the city's Chinatown, which is the setting for several other Ritchie films. The film also filmed on location in New Zealand and Russia.


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