Who is in the Car Shield Commercial?

January 29, 2024

Who is in the car shield commercial?

The company behind the product features celebrities like Ernie Hudson, Ric Flair and former Coach Ditka to promote auto protection plans. It cites statistics that show how costly it can be to fix cars that have out-of-warranty problems. The commercials also feature real people who had a problem and found help through the company, including an auto repair shop owner named April Grant.

In addition to securing high profile actors and celebrities, Car Shield also has a history of consumer complaints, and it's not uncommon for local repair shops to speak out against extended warranty companies. A review of Car Shield's Better Business Bureau (BBB) filings and complaints reveals a pattern of customer frustration, including delays, denials and lack of coverage for parts and repairs.

One of the most recent Car Shield commercials features a Thomas Paine quote, and it's not exactly clear what the company is trying to say with that line. The ad also has two other messages that don't have anything to do with the company's auto protection products. One of them uses the phrase "the fate of our country is in our hands," which doesn't sound very reassuring, especially given the current political climate.

The Car Shield commercial actress is Vivica Anjanetta Fox, who is an actress and producer with credits on dozens of TV shows, including 25 Worlds or Less, Worst Cooks in America, Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, and more. She's also starred in several movies and is a singer. She has a net worth of $2 million. She's currently single and has dated a few men, including 50 Cent and Omar White.


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