Who Is Sanford Stadium Named After?

June 14, 2023

Who Is Sanford Stadium Named After

One of the most famous football stadiums in college football, the University of Georgia’s Sanford Stadium is home to Bulldog fans from all over the country. Known for the hedges that surround the field and its mascot Uga, this is one of the most iconic facilities in all of college football. The stadium has been in use since 1929 and it seats just under 92,746 people.

When commentators refer to games being played “Between the Hedges,” they aren’t kidding around. These privet hedges (a type of shrub) have surrounded the stadium since it first opened its doors, and they are a distinctive feature of this iconic venue. The playing surface of the field is also unique; it has been planted with Tifton 419 bermuda grass.

The University of Georgia is a state institution and the University System of Georgia regents voted to approve a $68.5 million project to renovate the stadium to make it more fan friendly and add more premium suites. The work will include new entrances, more accessible parking and a revamped upper deck.

The University has announced that the stadium will be named after the Bulldogs’ most successful head coach, Vince Dooley. Dooley coached the team from 1964 through 1988 and was the athletic director from 1979 to 2004. He won 201 games, including one national championship and six SEC Championships during his time with the program. The stadium also hosted the 1996 Olympic men’s and women’s soccer competition that was watched by over three billion people worldwide.


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