Who is Steve Hamilton?

January 30, 2024

Steve Hamilton’s car collection is impressive, to say the least. As the founder of one of America’s largest custom wheel and tire distributors, he has amassed a vast collection that many auto enthusiasts would envy. From exotic hypercars to rare classics, his $20 million portfolio features an impressive array of automobiles that are guaranteed to leave anyone in awe.

Beyond just being a collector, Hamilton also places importance on his philanthropic endeavors. He frequently participates in charity events and auctions, where he uses his cars to raise funds for various causes. His efforts to preserve automotive history and his commitment to giving back to society have made him a renowned figure in the automobile industry.

While Steve Hamilton is best known for his enviable car collection, the man behind it all is a successful business mogul and entrepreneur with an impressive net worth. As the founder of SD Wheel, his passion for vintage and luxury vehicles has enabled him to amass a staggering collection that will leave automobile enthusiasts in awe.

Steve’s latest addition to his collection is a Pagani Huayra Roadster. Despite looking similar to the naked eye, there are numerous subtle differences between the Coupe and Roadster models. With that said, Steve and Tommy take the Roadster for a test drive to see how much it will cost to maintain over the course of 2022. Their biggest spends include $6,745 in gas, $42,000 on wheels and tires, $40,000 on PPF and wraps, $27,800 on insurance, and $15,000 in details.


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