Who Is the Registered Keeper of a Lease Car? Your Essential Guide

June 16, 2024

Leasing a car offers many advantages, such as avoiding depreciation and enjoying the latest models without committing to years of ownership. However, understanding the dynamics of car leasing, especially concepts like who is the registered keeper of a lease car, can be crucial for a seamless experience.

who is the registered keeper of a lease car

Who Is the Registered Keeper of a Lease Car?

When you lease a car, the leasing company is usually the registered keeper of the lease car. This means they handle responsibilities related to vehicle registration, road tax, and receiving any fines. As the lessee, you benefit from not having to worry about taxing the vehicle or keeping it registered. Nevertheless, this arrangement does have a few drawbacks.

Responsibilities and Pros of Not Being the Registered Keeper

who is the registered keeper of a lease car
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Being free from responsibilities such as road tax and vehicle registration can be extremely convenient. The leasing company, being the registered keeper, takes care of these administrative tasks. However, certain responsibilities remain with the lessee. For instance, parking fines and speeding tickets are sent to the leasing company initially, but you must settle these fines as the driver. Also, you'll need appropriate insurance in place, which correctly identifies both the owner and registered keeper of the car—typically the leasing company.

Challenges for Lease Car Holders

One of the limitations of not being the registered keeper includes having restricted customization options. Any attempt to add a private registration plate to the vehicle requires permission from the finance provider. Furthermore, for international travel, a VE103B form is needed for authorization to drive the lease car abroad. These constraints are manageable but worth noting if you're considering leasing.

who is the registered keeper of a lease car
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Leasing for Businesses

The same principles apply when a business leases a vehicle; the leasing company is the registered keeper of the lease car, while the business enjoys the use of the vehicle without ownership hassles. Companies like Wilmar not only offer leasing services but also handle the registration, title, and maintenance. These services can help businesses save time and focus on their core operations, rather than dealing with vehicle-related issues.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the role of who is the registered keeper of a lease car helps in setting the right expectations and preparing adequately for the responsibilities that come with leasing. Whether for personal use or business, leasing a vehicle can be a smooth and beneficial experience with the right information and preparation.

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