Who Owns Ox Car Care?

November 17, 2023

In the car warranty industry, Ox Car Care is a newer player that offers three different plans with various coverage options. The company touts its service as one that saves customers thousands of dollars on inflated repair bills. It also offers a stress-free claims process that eases the burden of expensive vehicle repairs. Nonetheless, based on customer reviews and other online feedback, Ox Car Care’s service may not be as robust as the industry’s top providers like American Dream Auto Protect.

What is an Ox Car Care Extended Warranty?

Ox Car Care offers an extended auto warranty for vehicles that pays for the cost of certain vehicle parts and labor in the event of a mechanical breakdown. The company offers three plans, including Diamond, Platinum, and Gold. Each plan covers the cost of a specific list of repairs and has a $100 deductible. Sample contracts for each of the plans can be viewed on the company’s website. Covered repairs must be completed by an ASE-certified mechanic and can be done at any shop.

While Ox Car Care’s coverage varies by plan, all of the policies include roadside assistance and free oil changes. Other coverage options include tire road hazard reimbursement, emergency fluid delivery (like water or oil), and jump starts for dead batteries. The company also offers locksmith services, which can help unlock your car or retrieve a lost key. In addition, the company can pay for towing and rental car costs if your vehicle breaks down.


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