Who Owns the I-4 Eyesore?

June 15, 2023

For 17 years, Seminole County drivers have rolled their eyes as they passed the building that's known as the i4 eyesore. But the end may finally be in sight. The building, which is a broadcasting headquarters for religious TV station WACX, could be finished within a year — and drivers who pass the construction site on I-4 will see ramped-up activity to meet that deadline.

Owner Claud Bowers says he's not selling the 18-story building and its four acres of land to someone else. But he will be adding an entrance and exit for the building off of Central Parkway, which will help ease traffic in and out of the site. He wants to get the building open by next summer. He's not breaking down the cost of the project, but he says it's coming in under budget.


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