Who Pays for Childs Car Insurance in a Divorce? Essential Guide

June 16, 2024

When going through a divorce, especially with teenage children of driving age, one important aspect to discuss and plan is who pays for child's car insurance in a divorce. Each parent's responsibilities and options around insurance need to be carefully considered to provide the best protection for the child and manage costs effectively.

who pays for child's car insurance in a divorce

Determining Financial Responsibility

In divorces with teenage children, the parent who owns the car driven by the teenager must pay the car insurance. If both parents own cars that will be driven by the teenager, each parent must insure their respective vehicles. Generally, the parent who has more custody time is required to add the teen to their insurance policy.

Incorporating Insurance into Child Support

The expense of car insurance for the teenager can be included in child support computations. Parents may also agree to have the teen pay for his or her share of the insurance. Alternatively, one parent can purchase a separate policy for the teen, adding the expense to child support computations or making the teen responsible for it.

Legal and Custodial Considerations

Custody agreements play a significant role in determining who should be the primary policyholder for the child's car insurance. If the teen splits time between both parents, it usually falls to the custodial parent to cover the expense. However, if the insurance company requires, both parents may need to inform the company and negotiate the coverage needs.

Policy Options and Savings

Joint policies and separate policies are options depending on the custody arrangement. Premium costs and payment responsibilities should be carefully thought out, taking into account the teen's driving habits and vehicle types. Exploring savings opportunities, such as multi-vehicle discounts or adding the teen as an additional driver, can help manage costs.

Guidance on Policy Language and Legal Matters

Reading through auto insurance policy language and contacting insurers for specifics is recommended. Parents should inform their insurance companies when their child starts the licensing process and add them to the policy as required. These steps ensure proper coverage and compliance with insurer guidelines.

Overall, discussing who pays for child's car insurance in a divorce is crucial in planning for your child's driving expenses. By considering the custody arrangements, financial responsibilities, and available insurance options, parents can provide the best coverage for their teenage drivers.

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