Who to Call When a Tree Falls in the Road

February 11, 2023

who to call when a tree falls in the road

When a tree falls in the road, it’s important to know who to call. Generally, the state Department of Transportation or town road management company will clear the tree out of the street.

Your Power Lines and Gas Pipelines

If the tree has pulled down power lines, or if it poses a risk of damaging your gas pipes, turn off your home’s main breaker box or gas line at the meter. Then contact your electric company to have them come out and help deenergize the lines.

Your Neighbor’s Property

If your neighbor has a diseased or defective tree that is causing problems for you or your family, or if their trees are in danger of falling onto your home, let them know right away. Send them a certified letter and take pictures of the problem tree.

Your Insurance Policy

Whether or not your home’s insurance covers the cost of tree removal depends on the circumstances. Your policy might not cover damage to your house due to a fallen tree, or it might have a limit on how much it will pay for repairs if you file a claim.

Your Next Steps

Once everyone is safe, get to the top floor of your home, and evaluate how extensive the damage is. If the damage is serious, evacuate your home to a neighbor’s property as soon as possible. Make sure your pets and children are also safe, and don’t go near the downed tree.


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