Why Do Cops Stop Traffic on the Freeway?

February 6, 2023

why do cops stop traffic on the freeway

What are cops’ top reasons for stopping traffic on the freeway?

1. The driver is in violation of the law, or is about to be.
A driver who violates the law or is about to be pulled over may be stopped and have their vehicle inspected for speed, illegal equipment or other potential violations. The officer can decide whether the driver should be given a warning or ticket, and then release the driver for driving on their license.

2. The driver has an active warrant or is in possession of stolen property.

A driver with an active warrant or in possession of stolen property may be stopped and arrested for the crime. The officer can then search the driver’s vehicle to see if they have any drugs, weapons or other criminal evidence.

3. The driver is driving too fast or too slow.

A motorist who is speeding or too slow is more likely to cause a collision than a driver who is just driving over the posted speed limit. It’s a reason police use their emergency lights and flashing to alert other drivers to the danger.

4. The motorist has an expired or suspended license.

A police officer can issue a warning or ticket to anyone who has an expired or suspended license or whose driver’s license is not valid. If the driver fails to pay or contest the ticket, they can be arrested.

5. The motorist is a danger to themselves or others.


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