Why Do People Hate Rap?

June 15, 2023

Rap is a music genre that has gotten a lot of flak from critics and some people do not like it. Those who do not enjoy hip-hop/rap music may have different reasons for it but most are not racist or hateful in nature. They just simply do not enjoy the genre because of lyrical content or other factors associated with it.

It is often said that rap is violent and promotes drug use and gangs. However, this is largely false because a large portion of rap songs are actually about personal growth, positive life changes and other things that promote positivity. In addition to that, rappers are usually trying to convey a positive message with their music and it is not a typical form of entertainment that promotes violence, drugs or other negative actions.

Rap may also be disliked because of its lack of a pleasing melody. Many songs in the genre feature a male voice rapping over a beat that is harsh and unpleasant to some. This is a very common complaint against the genre as it can be hard to distinguish what is being said from the beat. Adding to this, many rap lyrics are misogynist or sexist which makes it even harder for some people to listen to the genre.

Lastly, a large number of people do not like rap because they believe that it is a bad influence on the younger generation. It is easy to see why this argument is prevalent because a large number of rappers do tend to be young and they can be seen wearing baggy clothes and speaking in certain dialects that are unfamiliar with most outsiders. They may have bad habits such as smoking and doing other substances that can be a terrible influence on kids.


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