Why Do the Windows Roll Down When Car is Off?

March 13, 2024

Having the windows roll down when the car is off can be an embarrassing thing. It can also be dangerous for kids and pets and is not good for the window seals. This article will describe some of the things that can cause this problem and some of the steps you can take to fix it.

There are 3 ways this can happen:

1. Your FOB buttons were pushed accidentally. People have a hard time believing this but it is possible that if you pocket carry your key FOB or leave it in the cup holder or somewhere else in the vehicle the windows could be accidentally rolled down by the button pressing on it. It is not impossible and it is not likely unless you are in a hurry or distracted.

2. Some hacker or thief is trying to break into your vehicle. It would take sophisticated equipment and knowledge to intercept wireless key FOB transmissions and use it to operate your car. It is not worth the effort for them to do this just to roll down your windows.

3. Your FOB is worn out or has a problem. It is not unusual for FOBs to wear out or have problems over time. It is also possible that your window motor is faulty. You can try to test this by starting the car with it off, taking out the key, and seeing if the windows still roll down. You can also try jiggling the key in the door lock to see if the switch inside is stuck.


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