Why Does Apple Car Play Keep Disconnecting?

March 18, 2024

Apple CarPlay is a fantastic technology that makes it safe and easy to use your phone while driving. It beams apps straight to the dashboard display, giving you a big, driver-friendly interface and hands-free controls. You can use features like Maps to navigate, or listen to music through your preferred streaming service. Even better, Siri is integrated with CarPlay so that you can safely rely on voice commands instead of blindly tapping at a touchscreen.

However, like any technology, CarPlay can occasionally experience issues. If you’re experiencing why does apple car play keep disconnecting, you’ll want to check out these tips to resolve the problem.

The first thing to try if CarPlay keeps disconnecting is to restart your car’s infotainment system (head unit). Turn off the car, wait for it to completely shut down, and then power it back up and reconnect your iPhone. This should resolve the issue if it’s a hardware fault in the head unit itself.

You can also clean out the charging port on your iPhone to see if that’s the cause of the problem. Just be careful not to damage the charging port as you do so.

If the above solutions don’t work, you may have a software bug on your iPhone that’s causing CarPlay to disconnect. You can check for software updates by heading to Settings and selecting the General option. Once you find an available update, follow the instructions on how to install it.


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