Why Does My Android Auto Keep Disconnecting? Fixes Explained

July 9, 2024

Android Auto is an essential feature for many drivers, aiding in navigation, communication, and entertainment during their commutes and travels. However, a common and frustrating issue faced by users is when Android Auto keeps disconnecting from their vehicles. This issue can be particularly problematic on unfamiliar roads where the need for constant navigation is critical.

Why Does My Android Auto Keep Disconnecting?

Understanding the root causes of this problem can help users find effective solutions. Some users have identified that the primary issue seems to be related to data usage and the quality of the USB cable used. In one notable case, an individual using a Google Pixel 4a 5G phone in a 2018 Subaru Impreza Premium sedan resolved the disconnection problem by switching to a USB cable with higher data transfer rates (10 Mbps). If you find that your Android Auto keeps disconnecting, testing different high-quality cables might be a good first step.

why does my android auto keep disconnecting
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In addition to cable issues, the problem of Android Auto disconnecting can also stem from interference on the Wifi channels within the 5GHz band used by most automobiles. This interference can disrupt the connection, although Android Auto typically maintains the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection to ensure phone calls are not dropped. Users have reported experiencing these interference issues in specific areas, affecting both Android and Apple CarPlay services.

Wireless Connectivity Challenges

Some users prefer wireless connectivity for its convenience, but this method isn't without its problems. Wireless connections can lead to battery drain and excessive heat, complicating the situation further. In some instances, users have opted to revert to using a cable for a more stable and efficient connection, even though it might seem less convenient.

why does my android auto keep disconnecting
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For others, a wireless dongle can be a potential solution despite the added cost. Additionally, alternative methods like mounting the phone on a vent or using a suction cup have been considered by users facing persistent disconnection issues.

Why Does My Android Auto Keep Disconnecting? Exploring Possible Fixes

Here are some recommended steps to mitigate or resolve the frequent disconnecting issues:

  • Test various USB cables with higher data transfer rates.
  • Ensure your Android Auto and vehicle's system firmware are up to date.
  • Consider using a wireless dongle if cable connections are problematic.
  • Check for any Wifi interference in your area and try to avoid it.
  • If encountering issues with wireless connectivity, revert to a wired connection for stability.

The root cause of the disconnecting problem may also lie within the efficiency of the Android Auto software itself. It is suggested that Google should address these bugs in future updates to enhance user experience. For now, users may need to try different solutions to find what works best for their specific setup.

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