Why Don't Cats Like Car Rides?

February 27, 2024

Many cat owners struggle with their pet’s disdain for car rides. A trip to the veterinarian’s where they’ll be poked and prodded, or a visit to the groomer who’ll use scary clippers on their fur, or even just a short drive around town can make your kitty very stressed. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help your cat enjoy car trips. A comfortable carrier, pheromone sprays, practice with short drives and possibly sedatives (veterinarian-prescribed) can all help your cat be more relaxed on car journeys.

Some cats dislike the carrier itself, while others are simply overwhelmed by the new scents in a strange environment. The rocking movement of a car can also cause motion sickness in some cats. A nauseous cat may drool excessively, pant or lick their lips, or urinate. In extreme cases, a nauseous cat can vomit.

In addition to all of this, cats are creatures of habit and a sudden change in routine can be very stressful. A car ride throws a wrench into their daily rhythm of food, naptime and play time.


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