Why Hotels Don't Have a 13th Floor

June 14, 2023

If you ve ever been on a hotel elevator and noticed that there is no floor 13 button, you might have wondered why that is. Many hotels skip the number 13, going straight from 12 to 14. It s a common phenomenon that extends to office buildings as well, and it has some real-world implications. Specifically, it forces developers to make a decision about whether or not they want to include the 13th floor in their building.

USA Today reports that some hotels have even gone as far as removing the number 13 from their elevator panels or stairwells, and the reason for this is likely a matter of sensitivity to guests with Triskaidekaphobia a fear of 13. Those who suffer from this severe phobia often experience psychosomatic symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, panic, increased heart rate, and difficulty breathing, which makes accommodating this condition a challenge.

Despite this, some hotels do choose to include a 13th floor, which may be done for a variety of reasons. It may be seen as a way to differentiate the hotel from others that skip this floor, or it may be a marketing strategy.

Another possibility is that the hotels simply do not believe in the superstitions surrounding this number. It could also be that the number 13 has a special meaning to them, and they feel that this should not be ignored. In any case, it s interesting to note that some hotels do choose to include a 13th, and perhaps this is a sign of changing times?


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