Why Is Battery Yellow? Understanding & Managing Low Power Mode

July 9, 2024

Ever noticed the battery icon on your iPhone turning yellow? It can be a little alarming at first. However, the reason why the battery icon is yellow is often straightforward—your iPhone is in Low Power Mode. This mode helps maximize battery life, especially when your battery level dips below 20 percent. You can turn this mode on or off manually via Settings or it activates automatically when needed.

Understanding Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode can be a lifesaver, particularly when you're away from a charger. The moment your battery charge falls below 20 percent, the why is battery yellow is an indicator that Low Power Mode has been activated. This reduces screen brightness, limits background activities, and shortens Auto-Lock time to prolong battery life.

How to Activate or Deactivate Low Power Mode

Turning Low Power Mode on or off is easy. Navigate to your iPhone's Settings, scroll to Battery, and toggle the switch next to Low Power Mode. For quicker access, you can add Low Power Mode to your Control Center. This is especially useful when you need to activate it quickly without going through multiple steps.

Additional Tips for Battery Life Improvement

While Low Power Mode addresses multiple settings at once, there are other ways to improve your iPhone battery life. You can manually reduce screen brightness, disable background app refresh, and stop activities like mail fetch. Using these methods alongside Low Power Mode offers a comprehensive battery-saving strategy.

Why is Battery Yellow Even When Fully Charged?

Occasionally, the why is battery yellow even when it's fully charged? This might be due to a software glitch or specific settings adjustments. Ensuring the "Optimized Battery Charging" feature is enabled can also help mitigate such issues. Regularly checking your battery health in Settings can provide insights into any anomalies.

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