Why is My Car Blower Motor Making Noise?

November 1, 2023

Your car’s blower motor is a critical component of your climate control system, but it’s not something that people think about too often. If your blower motor starts making noise, it may indicate a problem with the motor itself or something else in the HVAC system.

In the worst case scenario, a loud blower motor can become a nuisance and make it difficult to take control of your cabin’s temperature during extreme heat or cold. That’s why it’s important to know the signs of a blower motor that needs replacing, so you can get it done before it becomes worse.

When the blower motor in your vehicle begins to wear out, it can start making a variety of different types of noises. Some are quite simple, such as a high-pitched chirping sound, while others can be more complicated like grinding or whirring sounds. In some cases, the noise might only be heard at certain fan speeds.

The blower motor is usually located underneath the dash on the passenger side of the vehicle, behind the center console, or under the cowl panel. Before working on the blower motor, you should always shut off your car’s engine and disconnect its battery to prevent electrical accidents while working on a vehicle part. Also, clean the blower motor housing before installing a new cover to ensure the adhesive strips stick (standard window cleaner can be used). You can buy a replacement blower motor online or at your local NAPA AutoCare store.


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