Why is My Car Leaning to One Side?

March 19, 2024

A car that leans to one side makes driving a challenge, and it can be dangerous or frustrating for the driver. The problem may affect steering and handling, so it's important to know what's causing the vehicle to pull as you drive.

The most common reason for a car to pull to one side is an issue with wheel alignment. When a car isn't balanced properly, it can cause uneven tread wear or a crooked steering wheel. A top-rated mobile mechanic can check the wheels, tyres and chassis of your vehicle to see what's causing it to pull to one side.

Another common reason for a car to pull is worn-out suspension components. Suspension springs help to support the weight of a car and maintain a level ride height, but if they're damaged or weakened, it can cause uneven weight distribution. This can also lead to a car leaning as you accelerate.

If you're experiencing a pull only when applying the brakes, this is likely due to an issue with the braking system. A faulty or stuck brake caliper, for example, will cause the car to veer to one side when you turn on the brakes.

A car that leans to one side when accelerating is not caused by an issue with the wheels or brakes, but instead by an issue with the suspension, chassis or shocks / struts. It's essential to have this problem fixed as soon as you notice it, as continuing to drive it can damage these important components and cause other problems - such as excessive wear on the tyres.


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