Why Is My Car Mileage Going Up So Fast? Uncover the Truth

June 16, 2024

Experiencing issues like cruise control decline, blinker errors, and a rapid increase in car mileage can be perplexing, complicating your driving experience. A car owner recently shared their confusing ordeal where they observed their mileage rising unusually fast. They documented the issue with video evidence, revealing unexpected miles added to the odometer. This problem has occurred twice, adding to their concerns about how to best address the situation. Understandably, they faced obstacles such as a dealership's refusal to provide a loaner vehicle because the car wasn't originally purchased from them.

Why is My Car Mileage Going Up So Fast?

why is my car mileage going up so fast

This issue isn't isolated to one individual. In fact, another person faced similar problems and mentioned a possible link to the OBD2 port. Problems with the OBD2 port can sometimes lead to inaccurate mileage readings. Furthermore, suspicions persist about car companies tampering with odometers to boost car turnovers. For instance, there are concerns that fast mileage increases can lead to warranties expiring earlier than expected, effectively nudging consumers to buy new vehicles prematurely.

why is my car mileage going up so fast
"car mileage Perodua Kenari 2003" by satguru is licensed under CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/.

Others have noticed that newer cars tend to rack up miles much faster compared to older models. A comparison between a 2019 and a 2008 car revealed that the newer car's mileage increased at a significantly quicker rate. This rapid mileage accrual has led to speculations of odometer tampering. Owners are increasingly wary of car manufacturers' practices, fearing that they might be designed to prompt earlier trades and maximize profits for the companies.

Technical Issues and User Errors

why is my car mileage going up so fast
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Technical glitches are another factor to consider. In one particular case, a car's mileage showed an increase from 85k to over 86k after replacing the engine harness with a model designed for a different engine type. The owner also replaced the speed sensor and used a Dakota Digital Speedohealer, though they planned on purchasing a new one to rectify the mileage inaccuracies. This incident underscores the complexity of vehicle electronics and the potential for user errors during component replacements.

The question of "why is my car mileage going up so fast" also pops up in cases involving motorcycles and older vehicles. For instance, a motorcyclist experienced an odometer that counted miles much faster than the actual distance traveled. After purchasing an ex500 motorcycle from Craigslist, they found the odometer reading an unreasonably high 320k miles, even though the speedometer remained accurate. This discrepancy was suspected to be due to setting differences from a previous engine with a different sprocket size, which may have led to the accelerated mileage count.

Addressing and Preventing Odometer Fraud

why is my car mileage going up so fast
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Odometer fraud remains a large-scale problem in the automotive industry, with over 450,000 vehicles sold annually with falsified mileage, costing buyers over $1 billion. Not only does this plague the used-car market, but even new cars sometimes display suspicious readings. For instance, lawsuits against Honda and Nissan resulted in settlements, extended warranties, and reimbursements for consumers. The frequency of such incidents has spurred preventive actions from regulatory bodies and class action suits to ensure accurate odometer readings.

Consumers could take several steps to mitigate the risk of falling victim to odometer fraud. Relying on Vehicle History Reports (VHR), conducting thorough pre-purchase inspections, and staying informed about automotive recalls and forums can be very helpful. In summary, the investigation into "why is my car mileage going up so fast" reveals a mix of user errors, potential manufacturer malpractices, and prevalent fraud that necessitates wider consumer awareness and stricter regulatory supervision.

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