Why is My Car Shaking When I Turn it On? Common Causes

July 9, 2024

Experiencing a car shake when starting can be unsettling, and it's crucial to understand the potential reasons behind it. In one case, an individual at a dealership noticed their Hyundai shaking for about 10 seconds during a test drive before it ran smoothly. The issue did not recur when the car was started again later. A mechanic friend suggested that the shaking could be attributed to carbon build-up, especially if the car had been idle for a while. But why is my car shaking when I turn it on?

Possible Causes of Car Shaking When Starting

Addressing the question of why is my car shaking when I turn it on involves examining several potential issues. One common cause is engine trouble, such as spark plugs, engine air filter issues, or defective crankshaft damper. Brake problems, particularly with warped brake rotors, can also lead to vibrations upon startup.

Another area to investigate is wheel imbalance or axle issues. Debris on the wheels or dents in the axles can cause significant shaking. Cold weather might exacerbate engine vibrations temporarily until the engine warms up. Ensuring regular maintenance and prompt repairs can prevent these shaking problems from escalating.

Maintenance and Professional Assistance

Routine maintenance is key to avoiding car shaking issues. This includes checking spark plugs, engine mounts, brake pads, rotors, wheels, and axles. It's advisable to consult certified professionals at dealerships for accurate diagnosis and a tailored maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

Should you experience shaking when starting or driving, seeking help from a local auto mechanic for a thorough inspection is highly recommended. Ignoring these issues can compromise safety and lead to more severe damages.

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