Why is My Car Stuck in Neutral?

January 3, 2024

The car gets stuck in neutral when the shift lever fails to disengage from gear and transfer power. This is a serious problem as it renders your manual transmission vehicle inoperable and you will not be able to drive the car safely on the road. You can solve the issue by identifying the specific problems that are preventing the gear shift from working properly. The problems include low levels of the transmission fluid, faulty clutch, broken shifter cable and transmission control unit issues. You can repair the faulty parts to get your car back into gear.

1. Low Levels of the Transmission Fluid

The transmission system requires adequate and clean transmission fluid to operate efficiently. The fluid helps to lubricate the internal components and generate the required hydraulic pressure for precise shifting. A low level of the fluid will hinder the shifting process and cause the car to get stuck in neutral. You can check the fluid levels by using a dipstick and replenish it to fix the problem.

2. Broken Shifter Cable

The shifter cable is responsible for transferring the transmission gears into the correct position when you use the shift lever. If the shifter cable is faulty, it will prevent your car from moving and it may also make the engine jerk while shifting. This is a common problem and can be solved by taking your car to a professional automotive service center. The auto technician will replace the shifter cable and restore its functionality.


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