Why is My Cruise Control Not Working? Top 7 Causes

July 9, 2024

Cruise control is an automatic system designed to help maintain a car's speed without needing to keep pressing the accelerator. This convenience is especially beneficial during long drives, alleviating driver fatigue and allowing for a consistent driving experience. However, it can be equally frustrating and potentially hazardous when the system malfunctions, leaving many to wonder, why is my cruise control not working?

why is my cruise control not working
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Common Causes for Cruise Control Failures

One of the most frequent issues with cruise control not working is a blown fuse. This small, yet crucial component is found within the engine's fuse box. If you experience sudden cruise control failure, checking and replacing a blown fuse might solve the problem. Additionally, rebooting the system by turning the cruise control off and on can sometimes restore its function.

Another common culprit is the brake pedal switch, which plays a vital role in both the cruise control and brake light functions. If damaged, the vehicle might constantly think the brakes are being applied, preventing the cruise control from activating. This issue is not only inconvenient but also dangerous, as it disrupts the clear signaling to other drivers when you are engaging your brakes.

Why is My Cruise Control Not Working?

Various other factors could be causing issues with the cruise control system, including faulty speed sensors, broken or loose cruise control cables, electrical system problems, and faulty control modules. Electrical components are essential for proper cruise control function, and damage to these can lead to malfunctioning cruise control systems. Symptoms to watch out for include a malfunctioning speedometer, rough gear changes, and the check engine light coming on.

In some instances, the problem could be linked to the steering wheel spiral cable or vacuum actuators. If these elements deteriorate or break, the cruise control system will fail. It is recommended to avoid using cruise control if it malfunctions and to get professional help for proper diagnosis and repair.

Seeking Professional Help

When your cruise control stops working, consulting a certified auto mechanic is advisable. Accurate Service in Tucson, AZ, is a well-regarded auto repair shop specializing in servicing various vehicle makes and models, including diesel engines. They offer thorough diagnostics and repairs for issues like faulty brake light switches, damaged wiring harnesses, and faulty speed control servos, which could all cause cruise control to stop working.

Another point to note is that custom and complete automotive services offer specialized electrical repair services. They can ensure that your cruise control is accurately diagnosed and promptly fixed, ensuring safety and convenience on the road.

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