Why is Parallel Grammar Construction Important in an Outline?

March 15, 2024

When it comes to writing, parallelism is important because it creates balance and flow. It’s also essential for ensuring that a sentence is well-constructed, and it allows the writer to make a clear point without making the reader confused or lost. Faulty parallelism can throw off the rhythm of a sentence and cause it to be grammatically unbalanced. When it comes to an outline, maintaining parallelism in your paragraphs will allow you to develop the ideas and arguments that your outline contains in a consistent manner.

In general, a sentence should have parallel structure when items in a series have an equal level of importance and are joined by coordinating or correlative conjunctions. This can apply to words, phrases, and clauses. It is also a good idea to use parallel structure when items are being contrasted with one another.

For example, in the play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw, Professor Higgins tells his “guinea pig” Eliza Doolittle that she should warm up to him or pursue someone else. These examples are a definite no-no because they are not parallel in grammatical construction.

In addition to ensuring that a sentence has parallel grammatical structure, it is important to ensure that each of the elements in a sentence are correctly grouped together. This means that nouns should be grouped with other nouns, verbs should be grouped with other verbs, adjectives with other adjectives, etc. This will help to maintain the proper grammatical structure in your sentence and make it easier for the reader to understand your argument or story.


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