Why My Car Makes Noise When Reversing and Turning

February 21, 2024

If the sound is occurring only when reversing and turning, it could be related to the CV joints. They won’t wear evenly, which is why a clicking noise will show up when backing up. You can check the CV boots for rips by jacking the car up and looking for any rubbing. If it’s not a CV problem, it may be a wheel bearing.

The parking brake is another common cause of a reversing noise. These pads and rotors work in tandem to keep the car stationary, but it can cause a screech if the brake pads haven’t been installed correctly or the anti-rattle chips are missing. The squeaking can also be caused by the grease shims which separate the pad abutment from the brake caliper and need to be lubricated.

Other causes of reversing or turning noises are suspension parts, struts, drive shaft, and the differential. If the clunk only occurs when turning, it’s likely the center clutch, as it is responsible for the acceleration clunk in a turn. It’s also possible it could be the engine or transmission mount, as these can dry rot or crack and can strain the remaining mounts. Check the oil and transmission fluid levels as well. Depending on the condition of these, it could be a simple fix. Also, if it’s only happening when the car is cold, it might be something simple like the power steering fluid or pump going bad.


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