Why My Car Shuts Off When Put in Drive

February 3, 2024

Cars play an essential role in our everyday lives, taking us to work or school, running errands and getting us around town. However, they can sometimes be unpredictable and may experience some issues. One of the most frustrating issues with cars is when they shut off randomly while driving. This can be quite dangerous for you and other drivers on the road. In this article, you’ll learn about the main causes of the problem and how to get the car to start again.

If the car shuts off when put in drive, it is likely that a spark plug is bad. Spark plugs are the small metal parts in your engine that ignite air and fuel into combustion to generate power. If the spark plugs are faulty, it could cause your engine to run lean and stall. You can try removing the spark plugs and replacing them to see if this fixes the issue.

Another possible culprit is a clogged catalytic converter. This can lead to increased back pressure in the exhaust system which stresses the engine and makes it sputter or stall. You can try cleaning the catalytic converter to fix this.

A faulty alternator can also cause your car to shut off when put in drive. The alternator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy to run your car’s electrical components, including the dash lights, dome light, air conditioning unit and stereo. If the alternator is faulty, it won’t be able to generate enough electrical power and your car will shut off randomly while driving.


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