Why My Car Shuts Off When Stopped Or Stopped

February 11, 2023

car shuts off when stopped or slowing down

When you slow down or stop your car, the engine shuts off. This is a very common problem and can be quite frustrating. It can also be dangerous if you are driving at night and don’t know what to do.

The first possible reason for this to happen is a faulty idle air control valve, which controls the amount of air and fuel that comes in through the intake. If this is faulty, the engine will run lean (too much air, not enough fuel).

Another reason that your car stalls or shuts off when stopped or slowing down is because of an electronic control unit that is faulty. This can cause various issues like poor fuel economy, misfires, and the check engine light to come on.

A clogged fuel filter is another common reason that the engine shuts off when you slow down or stop. This is because it is preventing the correct amount of gasoline from reaching the engine.

Other reasons why your car could shut off when you stop or slow down include a faulty crankshaft position sensor, a faulty mass airflow sensor, a bad starter motor, or a faulty EGR valve.

A faulty ignition wire or spark plug can also cause your vehicle to shut off when you stop or slow down. These are small pieces of metal that are connected to the ignition coils in each cylinder and send electric waves to the engine. When these wires or plugs go bad, they can disrupt the electric flow of current to the engine, which can cause it to stall or even misfire.


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