Why Rap Sucks

June 15, 2023

Rap sucks because of all the bull they say about money and sex and the streets. They also brag about their drugs and gangbangs. It is not like singing, where you have to be creative and unique. Rapping can just be a fad.

Besides the fact that most rappers have no talent, the music is bad. Most songs are just a bunch of words that rhyme with each other, with the same beat and lyrics, and with stupid background noises. It is a pity that children are exposed to this garbage.

It is quite an irony that people claim that rap has some kind of value and that it helps the black youth in some way. In reality, it is directing them in the wrong direction and teaching them to believe that they can do anything just by joining a gang. They are also fostering the mentality that Whitey is keeping them down and that they need to fight back by joining a gang. This is a pathetic way of looking at things.

It is also quite a shame that rap has lost its message and that there are no more meaningful lyrics in the genre. Gone are the days of 2Pac and DMX, who told stories of gangbanging and hustling. Nowadays, most rappers focus on creating a certain vibe and are unable to tell an interesting story. Their flows also tend to be too choppy and they make drastic changes in their cadences. This is a sign that they are not being true to themselves and they try too hard to fit in.


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