Why You Got One Car in a 12 Car Garage

March 10, 2024

We tend to think bigger is better when it comes to most spaces in our home, but that doesn’t always hold true for garages. Getting the right size, especially when you only have one car to park, is vitally important for your comfort and safety.

A typical one-car garage is about 12 x 20 feet (12' X 20’) or smaller. That’s small enough to fit most full-sized cars and even some minivans, but it’s not big enough for anything bigger. Trying to squeeze a larger vehicle into a single-car garage isn’t only uncomfortable, but it can also damage your car and leave you with some ugly scratches on the body or paint.

That’s why it’s important to measure your vehicle before you start planning your garage. Ensure you have plenty of room to park your car and then use the extra space for storage. You’ll be happy you did every time you’re looking for your hammer or screwdriver.


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