World Azerite Detector Vs Local Transportation

August 10, 2023

Whenever you complete a world quest there is a chance that it will yield additional Azerite. The amount that you receive varies and it can have a significant impact on your power growth. As such you should always choose the world azerite detector over local transportation.

The world azerite detector is an advancement that grants you a chance to gather extra Azerite from the completion of a world quest. It is very useful because more azerite equals more power and it will significantly accelerate your progress towards the end game content.

Local transportation is an advancement that allows you to call a quick flight back to Zuldazar when you use your Flight Master’s whistle directly next to a Flight Master on Zandalar or Kul Tiras. However most players find that it is a waste of time as it only saves them about 1 minute each trip and does not provide much utility.

Our recommendation is to go with the world azerite detector as it has a direct impact on your power growth potential. It is also quite easy to get and requires only a few Warfront victories against unique enemy commanders. The local transportation advancement is a waste of time because it only provides little to no utility at all. The tier 4 mission table advancements also include the following options:


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